Welcome to butcher media advertisements, production and distribution. we collaborate directly with small businesses, content creators, brands, production companies, social media influencers and actors to deliver modern and effective audio and video content. From development to production through the final stages of post-production we guide you with our creative insights and modern marketing knowledge to create a well-structured product that is congruent with your vision. Our end goal is to serve you something practical and effective in capturing your audience's attention. Our innovative stories, modern design and rigid strategy fiercely achieve success with every project we take on. Video is the fastest growing marketing tool on the planet and we love creating a diverse array of work for our clients with projects such as commercials, documentaries,vlogging YouTube channels, independent films and television assignments. We also distribute content worldwide on multiple public Access , Comcast and cable TV stations all around the United States as well as multiple streaming platforms on Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Apple TV and Select TV channels with over 50 million viewers worldwide. Contact us for a free quote on your next project.