From creative brainstorming through post-production , our streamlined processes ensure that our clients and partners receive an effortless, personalized video experience each and every time.with over 20+ years experience in the audio / video field our production staff is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.


If you are wondering about the hourly rates of a video editor or about how much it will cost you to get your video edited, you are in the right place. We are going to give you real life numbers. and spoiler alert, the average cost to edit a video is $259 USD. There are a whole lot of different things that will determine the final cost of a video edit, such as:

-The total raw footage duration

-The total duration of the finished edit

-Is there any motion graphic work involved

-Sound Effects

-Sound Mixing/Mastering

-Are there any text overlays

-Color grading

-Image stabilization

-And the level of complexity of the work in general


Our video editing services are highly personalized. Video editing can be a very personal matter for most content creators. We get that, and we respect that. We can resonate with your style, branding or Vision so that the Final Cut will look exactly like you want it to look. Our video editing Services go above and beyond. Our company can come up with new creative ideas, bring New Perspectives to the table, all while making sure your requirements are met. Send us an email with all the details of your project so we can calculate the estimated cost of your video project.


Our management staff specializes in digital marketing and social media branding and account management. looking to spice up your social media ? Contact our management team now to get exclusive insights from the pros on how to make your content professional as possible and your social media platforms grow. 


Not getting the attion your looking for ? Are you in need of distribution for your content ? Look no further... butcher media networks hand-in-hand with multiple TV stations, Comcast stations and Public Access stations around the United States. We also create content for multiple Amazon Fire TV and Roku channels seen by over 50 million viewers worldwide. Contact us to a free quote now .

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