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Crypt TV is an entertainment company focused on developing, producing and distributing horror themed digital content, with an emphasis on monsters and recurring characters in linked universes.

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Elvira's Movie Macabre is an American comedy television show that airs B-grade horror movies, occasionally interrupted by comments from the hostess, Elvira (played by Cassandra Peterson). In some episodes during intermission, Elvira would get an unexpected phone call from a character called "The Breather" (played by John Paragon) who would only call and tell Elvira weird jokes. The title shown here is the title under which the film was shown on the show; many B-grade horror films were rereleased with different titles.

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Hosted horror show! Join Jack Shadow as he features classic (and "not-so" classic) chiller movies!

Svengoolie is a hosted horror movie show in the U.S The show's title is taken from the name of the character host. The show is a long-running local program in the Chicago area and in recent years expanded nationally, airing Saturday nights on MeTV.

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