The scraping of the branches outside the window sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Vincent began to Pace the room holding his ears. "Shut the hell up" he shouted from the top of his lungs. the scraping continued to irritate poor Vincent. It's been 28 days since he ate any food. Vincent has been surviving by drinking his own urine and blood. His eyes began to bulge and protrude out of its sockets due to the lack of sleep. His bones could be seen through his skin like a malnourished animal. Almost every single digit on his left hand has been chewed off and consumed. Walking in circles around the blood stained carpet he seen the Flames rise. A little girl with pigtails wearing a white dress asked if he would like some water. Vincent began to vomit profusely and started to convulse in a rapid seizure. Feeling a tap on his shoulder he began to fall deeper into the fire burning and screaming. At the point of agony he snapped out of his Daydream.Comming to the waiter asked him if he would like creamer with his coffee.