The blade twinkled in the Moonlight while blood dripped from the point. The victim gurgling on her own blood grabbing the leg of the would-be Killer. Twitching and convulsing the prostitute was now lifeless. Smiling from ear-to-ear with a Blank Stare Johnny Boy was in a state of euphoria. Bending down Johnny kissed the head of the dead woman. He began to cry and laugh at the same time. "I'm sorry mother" " I'm sorry please forgive me". Johnny shouted from the top of his lungs. Throwing his backpack to the ground violently Johnny kept repeating "where is it" "where is it".. at the bottom of his backpack wrapped in a bloody bandana was a ancient Relic in the shape of a spike. Lifting the spike shaped Relic in the direction of the Moon he began to cry blood. Holding the Relic High his heartbeat raced and his skin began to burn while humming his favorite Looney Tunes song. Shaking uncontrollably Johnny Boy was now surrounded by flames dancing around his waist. The corpse of his prostitute mother began to rise off the ground. Holding the amulet high in the air with his hand the blood began to pour from his eyes like a water faucet. The lifeless corpse head opened wide and crack in half with a green glowing smoke . The woman skull crumbled like dust and swirled around Johnny Boy. With the loud thumping sound echoing in his friend Johnny snapped and woke from his Daydream. his nurse looked at him awkwardly and handed him his daily pills.