Cradling the lifeless woman in his arms Jack began to breathe heavy and drool. Gripping a pile of intestines in one hand Jack grinned. waveing his knife around like a music conductor. Pulling more and more of intestines from the wound of the dead woman." 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot Bunch"Jack stopped and gazed into the moonlight. He has done this before. Countless nights stalking the back alleys of these dark lit streets. Another dead prostitute another front page article. Jack began another midnight stroll down the desolate streets of England. Constantly checking the position of his blade in his front coat pocket he began to chuckle. "They'll be pushing up daisies by morning" he thought to himself. Turning the corner he could see a woman bent down tying a dog to a post. He crept like a phantom in the night with Swift precision. Coming close to one inch from the unsuspected woman's face Jack sliced her throat from ear-to-ear. "Put a smile on that face my dear" he murmured under his voice. The blood sprayed across his face and coat. Licking the blade he dropped the corpse of the woman to the ground. He opened up his coat pocket and pulled the sharpest blade he had. Crouching over the corpse Jack began to make an incision in her abdomen going to her anus. Pulling apart the filleted flesh Jack began pulling out the insides of the unknown female. Blood poured out like a water fountain from her crotch area. Holding up a pile of Flesh he raised his hand High to the sky and began to smile. What's beautiful music the blade makes with flesh.