Drinking on the job was nothing new to trucker Thomas Cilicon .it was nothing..3,4,five beers later thomas was good to go three hundred miles.He cracked open number six took a chug back and tugged the horn "Toot Toot" fealing dizzy he skid furiously around the corner of the street.you could hear the brakes as the driver tried to put his foot down. But there was no stopping it. The big rig detached and hit the elderly gentleman head on. brains and bones as well as a Miracle Ear were smeared on the asphalt. The Walmart big rig truck was engulfed in flames. Thomas was trapped inside screaming his life. one of the most horrific sounds you could hear.a man trapped inside of a burning vehicle desperately trying to escape. It killed me that I could not help the man but only video tape him on my cell phone "Fuck Me Running"! Said one onlooker. Another lady said "I could hear that "toot toot" on that big rig a mile away... and after the ambulance and fire trucks arrived and put everything out. I uploaded the video to a website that shows a lot of Gore. I ended up making $6,200 off of that video. The moral of the story is don't toot your horn too loud it might not be heard anyway.