A Shadow stood in the corner of the barn shaking. the animal could be heard gurgling as the figure sliced the throat ear to ear. Breathing heavy I could only watch in horror as the figure grabbed another sheep and dragged it into the dark. As before the gurgling and grunting grew louder. In a faint whisper a distorted voice could be heard what sounded like the number two. Blood began to become visible out of the dark corner spewing towards my feet. The shadow figure began to breathe heavily snatching up another sheep into the corner. Gurgling and grunting the sounds of bones breaking echoed in my ears. Two gleaming yellow eyes could be seen sneering at me snickering. As I walked closer a decapitated sheep was thrown into my chest with a thunderous splat. The distorted dark figure shouted "Three" and disappeared in front of my eyes. To this day I still wonder what that was on my uncle's Farm. They say I was sleepwalking and killed the Sheep but I remember what I saw that night.

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