His Masterpiece was almost completed. Ryan spent most of his days setting traps and capturing small animals and rodents. He lived in the middle of the high desert where nobody would disturb him. His closest neighbor was two miles away. Ryan would save his father's coffee cans and use them to capture animals. He would dig holes just perfect for the coffee can to set in. He would fill up the hole and there would be a perfect circle for any unsuspecting animal to fall into. He would place them throughout his property over 15 traps set. His daily routine would be to get up and walk around the property to see what has fallen into the coffee cans. Some days would be lizards other days would be ground squirrels or small rabbits. Depending on the animal sometimes Ryan would either capture it and put it in a bag or kill the animal right there. The ones he collected alive would encounter hours of torture before death. Brian's father had a garage full of paint acids and other dangerous chemicals. He would collect muriatic acid as well as inject the animals with paint thinner. He would start to Twitch with excitement after injections. Foaming at the mouth and eyes protruding through the head the animals were treated harshly. After a week of collecting animals and torturing them he would hang them from his tree by shoe strings. Hundreds of animal carcasses littered the tree dangling and blowing like wind chimes. A calm crept over him like a spider a feeling of satisfaction and completion. The death tree still stands today in a desolate area in Lucerne Valley California.