It's been 398 days since he felt the sunlight. Scratching on the window daydreaming of swimming pools and women. David Webb was referred to as the weirdo on the Block. Neighbors would walk by his house slowly looking at him scratching on his window. During the day he would mutilate small rodents that he found in his house. When night fall came he could be heard yelling in his attic from down the street. Every night around the same time he could be heard. David had an itch that he could never scratch. Sitting in the corner sticking needles in the eyes of a stray cat he began to think." What is peanut butter made out of?" With a slight twitch he began to Rock back and forth humming to himself. Pacing through through the rodent-infested house David began to vomit. Dropping to his knees wiping his mouth he looked up to The Apparition appearing in the corner. A faint image of a rodent with a crown began to scrape his contorted fingernails against the wall. David... David wake up!