The wind began to pick up just before Dawn. Closing the bedroom window Timothy Green smiled. Today little Jen Pulver would be coming by with her aunt to have breakfast. Picking his fingers Timothy began to grind his teeth. Sweating in anticipation he will finally carry out his experiment. Dropping his head to his lap the dogs begin to bark and the Rusted brakes on a pickup truck could be heard screeching outside. "Finally" Timothy shouted! Opening the screen door and waving hello to Jen and her Aunt Ruth. "I'm glad you guys could come" Timothy's mother said. "Hey Jen you want to see my new fort" Timothy asked. With a glance of approval from aunt ruth she said "go ahead dear " and the two ran off behind the house. Walking behind the abandoned cars and the over brush of the trees. "It's just a little further over herev Timothy said laughing under his breath. Stopping in front of a pile of dirt and a big hole in the ground with a big blue drum. "Not much of a fort Tim" Jen replied. "It's a magic fort you have to get inside and it takes you to your favorite place".. Timothy said with a straight face. "you're telling me I can go to Disneyland right now if I get in?". she asked ."you can go there you can go anywhere" Tim assured.. with a smile on her face Jen crawled into the 50 gallon drum buried in the hole. "I just have to put the lid on and you'll be at Disneyland in no time". He said shaking. "Yay I'm going to have breakfast with Goofy" she said laughing and giggling. "Tell him I said hi" Timothy said laughing as he was tightening the lid of the 50 gallon drum. When the drum was completely Shield Timothy began to partially cover the drum containing Jennifer. Standing On Top of the drum He began to call forth the demon. Holding his blade into the air and reciting the incantations properly. He began stabbing the 50 gallon drum repeatedly over and over. Jen began to scream and gurgle loudly. All she could do is scratch at the blue plastic of the inside of the drum. Shouting louder the incantations Timothy began to become enraged . Clenching his blade tightly he stabbed furiously at the blue drum. His Sword was covered in thick blood and flesh."This has to work" he thought to himself. She was a virgin and she had red hair just like the book said. He ran back to the house just in time to get the first serving of Pancakes. In an awkward pause Ruth asked "where is Jen at Timothy?. Looking into her eyes with a Blank Stare he muttered under his breath "she went to Disneyland"