Chewing on the intestines of the dead female. Gary's mouth began to fill with blood and meat. The sweet iron taste is what excited him. He had plenty of practice at the animal shelter. He was in charge of disposing of the bodies of the animals. Instead of incinerating them he would dissect them and eat them. After graduating college Gary began to work at the local morgue. With ulterior motives and cannibalistic intentions Gary was excited. It was his first night alone on the graveyard shift at the morgue. When the last employee closed up and lock the door a big smile came across the face of Gary. In a wild Frenzy he sprinted down the hall and to the refrigerated section of the morgue. Drooling and clenching his teeth he began prying the door open. To his surprise a big breasted corpse with no visual markings. His eyes rolled into the back of his head while he grabbed his penis. Yanking the corpse out of the refrigerator by its hair and dragging it down the hall. Gary began to Grunt and become infatuated with what was going to take place. Throwing the corpse onto the table Gary began to stick his tounge into the mouth of the dead woman. Pulling his face back slowly from her face he began to remove his clothes quickly. Jumping onto the cold slab he was fully erect. Spitting on his hand he began to lubricate his erect penis. With a violent thrust he began to make love to the dead woman. Thrusting his waist he began to make a loud grunting sounds and began to shake violently. Jolting and yelling when he climaxed into the dead woman. Falling down to the ground Gary began to wipe his face. Grabbing the scalpel from the table next to him. He began to make the Y incision chuckling hysterically to himself. He began to peel back the layers or skin for healing the intestines of the woman. Digging his hand into the abdomen he pulled out a handful of intestines and began to devour the Rotting Flesh. Chewing and humming to himself he was in a state of euphoria. Gary loves his new job.