Reaching the last Street of his route The sun was beginning to set. Kevin day has been selling magazines for over six years now. Finally fed up he began to curse the day. "Nobody buys this shit anymore" he said grinding his teeth. On the corner of Elm and third was a gigantic Victorian house. Kevin open the gate and slowly walked through the cracked concrete walkway. When he got to the front of the gigantic wooden steps he felt as if somebody was watching him. A cold sweat begin to drip down the back of his neck. Feeling skeptical whether to knock on the door or walk away he proceeded to walk up the steps. Looking down he seen the welcome home mat with a demonic looking devil. Looking to the side of the door there was a big button that says do not press knock only. Kevin began to knock on the door loudly. He stood patiently waiting for somebody to open the door. He knocked again repeatedly still no answer. Feeling frustrated and not wanting to miss out on any money. he began to knock even louder. Knock,Knock,Knock louder and louder he persisted. "Somebody has to hear that"..he thought to himself. He began peeking through the windows trying to see anyone. Finally fed up he said "what the hell".. He looked at the button that says do not press. Without thinking twice he pressed the button. In a blink of an eye the floor opened up beneath him and he was falling. In an instant he found himself impaled and stuck on razor sharpened bamboo."Fuck Me!!" he shouted in pain. In the darkness of the corner a voice murmured "only with a knife!"