Biting his nails in suspense Scott Paulson could only hope to get what he has been wishing for all year. Looking at the last present in the corner by the tree. Scott began ripping and shredding the wrapping paper ferociously. Layers upon layers began to fall to the ground in the unwrapping of the gift. Scott became angry .he began to look around wondering "why dose this present have so many layers". 10 minutes into the unwrapping of the gift a pile of wrapping paper filled to the ceiling. Putting the present down frantically catching his breath. Scott became obsessed with trying to unwrap the present. He began to tear and scream wildly . his fingertips bleeding with agony.Layer upon layer ripped only to expose another layer of wrapping paper. Twitching and screaming Scott became in a trance. Focused on nothing but getting to the inside of the present. An hour and a half went by when suddenly Scott's wife shook him on the shoulder. "wake up hunny..wake up". When Scott looked up he seen the lifeless decomposed corpse With maggots falling from her mouth. His zombie-like wife then clenched to his neck biting ferociously. Gurgling on blood Scott began to fade in and out of consciousness. "Merry Christmas" the demonic lifeless woman growled