he blood began to turn brown underneath the fingernails of Andrew blip. For two weeks He stalked the circus anxiously. Shaking nervously he thought "what a rush". He loved Hiding behind the circus tent with his baseball bat in hand. Philip was always patient when It came to murdering clowns.The sounds of coughing and hacking filled the air. Out of the corner of his eye he seen the Flicking of a cigarette in the air. The unsuspecting clown didn't know what hit him. After the vicious beating Philip whispered "10 more to go" while spitting on the corpse. Leaning down he slapped the face on the clown .Philip smiled Grabbing a fistful of matted Orange hair .he be begin yanking violently Chuckling to himself. he began to shake harder and harder with every step.When he arrived at his house he kicked open the door. "Got another red nose!" Phillip shouted from the top of his lungs. Dragging the corpse of the clown to the kitchen he began to laugh hysterically. Behind the microwave he pulled out an old cigar box. Jumping up and down slapping,hitting his knee like a hillbilly. Philip opened the box. Inside was the servered red noses of nine different clowns alongside a straight razor. Casually humming the Andy Griffith theme song he took the sharp blade and severed the nose from the clown. He began to hold it up to the light and examine it. He wiped the sweat from his brow and put the nose into the box. 10 more to go he thought to himself.