Static filled the air through the speakers of the television. Cringing in irritation Max Forte slammed the VCR / TV against the wall. setting it back down on the table. "This Peice of shit" he said throwing his needle nose pliers into his toolbox. Tim russ was Max's go to guy at the repair shop. "Tim why don't you try taking a stab at this. Max said. Putting the VCR television in front of him. Lifting his head from his sandwich Tim said "fuck outa here" Max said "were here for 3 more hours I want this thing fixed ASAP! Dropping his head back down to his sandwich Tim murmured"asshole" and finished his lunch. Throwing the napkin in the trash Tim looked over at the TV VCR and thought let's get this over with. He picked up his toolbox and began unscrewing screws in the back to get a better look. the TV VCR began making a buzzing clicking sound. He screwed the last screw back in and proceeded to look into the TV VCR. "There is a tape stuck in here" Tim yelled. Probably a porno or somebody's wedding video he thought. The picture on the TV was static and the Device began to click and Buzz rapidly. With a giant slap Tim Hit the side of the device and a blue light began to glow from the screen. "I think I got it" he shouted. In a Flash a severed head appeared on the tape laying on a table. What the... Tim thought to himself. The severed head on the video tape Began to Twitch as if moving. And in an awkward pause the eyes and mouth open wide. Traumatized and speechless Tim began to shake trying to look away from the screen. The severed head began to speak through the TV VCR in a faint whisper..... "execution" said the grizzly severed head on the video tape. Sweating profusely and trembling Tim's body began to contort violently. In a loud Blair of static the TV went blank. Max walked in to the back of the repair shop and seen Tim staring awkwardly at the TV. Slapping him on the back max asked "Did you fix that damn thing yet?" An awkward silence fell on the two "Well did you?"... like a scene out of a horror movie Tim's head bent around in a 180 and begin to laugh hysterically. In absolute shock Max jaw dropped and panic set in. Before Max could Sprint for the door tim violently stabed him under the chin with his screwdriver. In a state of pure shock he shrieked.. With the screwdriver protruding through Tim's mouth he grunted and thrashed wildly. Removing the screwdriver from Max's chin Tim's eyes rolled into the back of his head and smiled. Holding his face Max began to crawl towards the door trying to escape. What the Furious strike to the top of the head Tim's screwdriver now laid buried in the skull of Max Forte. A pool of blood emerged around the body. Breathing heavily Tim began wrapping the TV's extension cord around his neck. Holding the TV in one hand balancing on a chair he proceeded to hook the TV to the beam of the roof. Hyperventilating and smiling Tim knocked the chair out from underneath him and began to strangle to death. Kicking and fighting the tension on his neck Max began to officiate. Dangling from the Rope gasping for air he noticed the TV turn on and that severed head was now staring at him. In his final words Tim muttered the words... "execution"