Sticking the knife under the chin of Rosemary Thorne, Jacob began to lick his lips with delight. The gag in Rosemary's mouth was preventing her from screaming. Jacob became infatuated with Rosemary. He would take pictures of her to cut out and paste in a erotic scenarios with porno magazines. She began to kick violently trying to move her chin away from deeply buried blade. Gagging on her own vomit she began to convulse harder and harder with every jerk. Jacob began to kiss her on the cheek and face as she began to vomit blood. Slowly Removing the blade out of Rosemary's neck Jacob was overcome with lust.

Holding the blade up to the moonlight Jacob began to howl like a rabid wolf at the moon. Rosemary begin to whine under her breath followed by a gurgling sound. She began to try and crawl away from Jacob. With a deep chuckle Jacob grabbed Rosemary by the ankle and proceeded to drag her to the dinner table. Dropping her ankles and grabbing her up by the hair. Jacob sat Rosemary in one of the chairs at the table and placed a fork and knife in front of her in a mocking gesture. With candles lit and a roasted Pig's head on the table he said, "Finally complete." He was going to make this night special at all cost.

He wheeled in three gigantic silver covered platters to the table. Placing one platter in front of each chair, he began to sing to himself. Rosemary begin to choke on her own vomit once again forcing Jacob to remove her gag. Slapping her in the face as hard as he could he shouted, "You're not getting off that easy"! Jacob forcefully shoved his fingers down Rosemary’s throat to dislodge any chunks of vomit so she could breathe. She began to shake and cry as well as projectile vomit. With the green red sludge spewing down her chin and face. Jacob pinched her cheek and said, "That a girl" as Rosemary began to regain Consciousness she seen Jacob standing in front of one of the chairs and platter. Jacob began to say, "I have a few guest I would like you to meet."

With a blank expression on his face he lifted the platter revealing steamed broccoli and the head of Rosemary's infant baby. She began to scream and cry the gash under her chin began to bubble blood. Crying hysterically and unable to talk all she could do is make loud groaning sounds in discomfort. Spinning in a circle Jacob began to proceed to the next platter. With a blank expression shadowing his face he lifted the second platter . Anticipating in shock and horror Rosemary's eyes widen to the grim sight. Steaming on a platter was the severed cooked head of Rosemary's grandmother. Her eyes were glazed and bulging due to the heat. Jacob picked up a turkey baster and began marinating her grandmother's head. Setting down the baster he proceeded to the third and final platter. Bowing his head and mocking in a curtsy he lifted the third platter revealing a cherry pie with the face of her father crusted into the batter. Picking up the pie Jacob walked over to the convulsing Rosemary. Setting the pie down in front of her looking face-to-face with her father for the last time she begin to hyperventilate.

Passing out due to the shock she was awoken to the site of Jacob across from the candle-lit table. Jacob shouted from across the table,

"I'm glad you enjoyed that!" She began to shake her head back and forth coming to noticing a cherry taste on her mouth. Jacob said, "While you were convulsing I managed to feed you half of your dad's pie." Jacob began to chuckle hysterically while Rosemary began to vomit violently. She began to kick and thrust until finally the cyanide began to take effect. Looking across the room Jacob said, "Farewell my whore wife." Removing the cyanide tablet from his suicide ring he placed it in his mouth and drank the glass of wine. With his last visions he saw Rosemary slump forward on the table with a loud thud. The room began to become hazy and just like that Jacob was dead.