Norman Fuller was just your average everyday Joe. He started his days off like regular people shower, coffee, breakfast and then off to work. On occasions Norman would stop at a local bar and have a drink. He loved this little hole-in-the-wall bar. Lots of prostitutes would gather here and have a drink before their long nights walking the streets. He would occasionally buy girls drinks and conversate regularly. Norman began to engage in lewd acts behind the bar with a handful of these prostitutes on a daily basis. His disabled wife at home would never know. For she was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her days.

At home he had a wife and a son that's was in grade school. Little William Fuller was a spitting image of his father Norman. At school he was very much adored and liked and had many friends. His father Norman on the other hand would love to mutilate women who said his name wrong. One lonely drunken night at the hole in the wall. Norman promised a prostitute two hundred dollars for anal sex and oral sex. They drove to a remote location in the woods. The long curvy bumpy road was irritating Norman viciously. Jamie Lynn the prostitute known as “Pinky” began to try to call Norman. She put her hand on his shoulder and told him to take a deep breath. Without warning Norman through his hands around her throat squeezing violently. Her eyes begin to bulge with her tongue protruding through her mouth gasping. Norman pressed on the brakes and begin to strangle Pinky. She began to kick erratically trying to escape his death grip. Norman began to squeeze tighter with every jolt of the woman. Three minutes and twenty two seconds into the strangulation her eyes rolled into the back of her head. The smell of the fresh cut grass on the embankment with the sight of the dead prostitute aroused him. Overcome with excitement Norman clenched his fish as hard as he could and began to undress. Holding the corpse of the prostitute close to him he began to sing a lullaby. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, Norman began touche with a quivering high-pitched voice. He began to insert his fingers into the orifices of the dead corpse menacingly. He began to bite the neck of the corpse of the prostitute. His sharp teeth ripping the flesh of the woman's throat. Blood began to spew down his chin as well as the woman's breast. He began to become excited and overcome with joy. He began to take off the pants of the dead prostitute. Smiling widely and his eyes glazing he was in a stupor.

Penetrating the dead woman with a thunderous jolt Norman's eyes rolled into the back of his head. He has always wanted to make love to a corpse. Cold but wet he was very pleased with his new desire. Once again Norman finished and hid the woman's remains under debris in the forest. He hopped back into his car and began going back down the winding trail home. Pulling into the driveway he saw his wife in her wheelchair on the porch. He waved as so did she with smiles of joy in their eyes. He walked up the porch and bent down and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek.

“How do you do honey?” Norman asked. His wife June looked up with a big smile and said, “Fantastic honey I'm glad you're home I cooked dinner it's on the table.” With the squeeze of her shoulder Norman walked into the kitchen sat down and began to eat his meal. Looking down at the kitchen table he seen the head of a young woman as well as the limbs and torso displayed in culinary fashion. The human head had roasted peppers stuffed in the mouth. And the limbs appeared to be roasted and barbecued. His wife June strolled into the room with her electric wheelchair. Kissed Norman and said, “Bon Appetit honey.”