Phallus' arms and back began to ache with every swing.This was his 1st attempt to mutilate a corpse with a dull axe. He did not know that it would take this long. He was on his fifty third swing of the axe when finally one of the woman's ankles came off. Wiping the sweat from his brow he began to feel exhausted. He figured if he worked on one part of her leg something would give. After the sixty eighth whack his wrist began to burn and he felt his shoulders becoming stiff. The Flesh was still clinging loosely to the bone on the woman's thigh.

Phallus became irritated. He began to clench his fists and jump up and down stomping the face of the corpse.

"Your flesh is mine.” Phallus screamed breaking the jaw of the mutilated woman. Breathing heavily Phallus bent down and began sniffing the woman's face. The big yellow eyes of Phallus opened wide when he began to lick the woman's face. Shaking uncontrollably he rose to his feet with his dull axe in hand and began to swing violently at the corpse. With every swing the dull axe left smashed flesh and deep gashes. Thick purple blood began to pool around the woman's body.

Phallus began to rub his genitals with a disgusted look in his eyes. He was on his one hundred eleventh whack when finally the woman's leg fell off. He picked up the severed limb and began to play air guitar as if he was playing to Detroit City. Good night everyone he shouted from the top of his lungs. He dropped the severed limb and picked up the dull axe. He began to swing furiously once again. One hundred eighty two whacks in he finally decapitating the woman. As Phallus chuckled he took four steps back, ran and kicked the severed head into his fireplace. "Goal!” He shouted. Engulfed in flames the woman's head began to singe and crackle. The smell of overcooked flesh began to fill the room.

Phallus became blood-drunk. He began swinging furiously at the woman's mutilated corpse with a foot missing as well as a good portion of her shoulder. Some parts of her body began to look like red sludge. In a frenzy Phallus began licking the blood off of his axe. Chewing on her severed ear, Phallus loved cartilage like bubblegum. Phallus began Convulsing and twitching with excitement. Sweating profusely he was now three hundred eighty seven whacks in to his mutilation dance. After seven hundred thirty one whacks the dull axe begin to only make flat indentions into the woman's flesh, but for no particular reason phallus enjoyed mutilating women with a dull axe. When there was only a pile of shredded tenderized flesh soaked in blood, phallus licked his axe one last time. He removed the woman's face with a buck knife off his hip. Putting the woman's mutilated face over his own, Phallus began to shake violently and imitate the mutilated woman's voice.