The imposters trembled and started to sweat profusely. The reputation of the butcher was legendary. Six of the hooded men with cleavers’ eyes fell upon the butcher. He entered the room breathing heavily spattered with blood. His Cleaver shining brighter than the rest in the room. His blood-soaked hood and gigantic frame made him intimidating to the rest. One of the hooded men began to speak."We are the butchers of the lost." He said with a quivering voice. Without warning the six hooded men drew their cleavers and began to circle the butcher man. The blood-soaked hood of the butcher man began to twitch. His shoulders raised with every breath. In an instant the six men pounced on the butcher man violently swinging their hatchets. A screaming mist began to swirl around the butcher man protecting the blows. Befuddling the other hooded men with the irie smoke swirling around the blood-soaked butcher man. They began to swing wildly into the smoke trying to connect with their blades. The butcher man begin to Roar from the bottom of his stomach. He pulled a large rusted Cleaver from his butcher's belt. The smoke began to swirl furiously blinding the other six men. With one swipe in a circular motion from front to back he decapitated all six imposters with the rusted blade. The smoke dissipated and a calm filled the blood-soaked room. The butcher man gathered the six decapitated heads and a raised his fist in Triumph. Often imitated the ways of the butcher was learned.