Dragging the lifeless corpse of Jennifer Tate by a hook in her mouth. Big Grim Tim heard the faint melodies of demon's singing to his mind. This was his day of reckoning. Yanking and pulling the corpse of his high school sweetheart in a brutal fashion to her final resting place. He began to relive the memories of when Jennifer would talk to him in public.

After his brain injury he began to claim to hear voices and feel electrical currents running through his body. With his brain injury as well as the kids picking on him at school, He began to let his appearance go. His big yellow teeth and black frizzy hair began to stand out more each day. When he would arrive at school Tim would sit in the bathroom stall just to avoid his classmates. They would always make fun of Tim, laughing and making fun of his teeth and hair. They circled him like a pack of hyenas heckling to one another. "He must have ate a pound of butter!" Cindy James remarked yelling into the face of The Towering Giant. Sean Meadows the high school quarterback pushed Tim from the back making him lose his balance and smacking his head into a water fountain. A flashing jolt of electricity went through his body. He began to shake uncontrollably. Slowly clenching his locker rising to his feet.the crowd suddenly began to step back as A blue flame evolved from his body and incinerated Sean Meadows. Only sean's retainer from his teeth was left on the pile of Ash. Cindy James and the rest of Beaumont High began to flee. Screaming in a panic the senior class of eighty six sprinted for the closest exit.

In a controlled fit of rage Grim Tim muttered under his breath and with that a blue flame formed around his head sprouting a dark black top hat. With another faint whisper a greenish blur glowed from Grim Tim’s hand and a jagged Emerald hook emerged from his smokey Palm. He swung his hook like a blade from a ceiling fan hitting Cindy James in the chest. She began to cry in pain and kick as she was lifted off of her feet. With a faint whisper Tim's yellow teeth begin to sprout even larger as well as the shape of his jaw and mouth. It grew open larger stretching open to the size of a basketball. like a human kabob Grim tim placed the head of Cindy James in his mouth and bit down like a crocodile. Blood gushed from the jaws of Tim and the gurgling sound was sweet music to his ears. In a state of shock some of the students stopped and stared in disbelief at what they were watching. Grim Tim let the lifeless corpse of Cindy hit the floor. He flew forward with a burst of light sticking three more students on his hook and flying off to his murder room. With a loud thud they crashed through the side of the wall into be abandoned building. He wanted peace and quiet and time alone with these special three students.

Dusting off his top hat he looked over the three students he knew well. Rufio Mendoza was his tormentor from kindergarten. He had his eye on him for many years plotting his demise. Mallory Plissken tormented Grim Tim day in and day out for three years. Last but not least the girl that captivated his attention. The one that gave him butterflies. Jennifer Tate was the only girl in school to say hi to Grim Tim. As the three classmates were breathing heavily with the puncture wounds bleeding from their chest trying to fathom what has just happened. Rufio yelled out, “You freak I'm going to kill you!” Staggering to his feet Rufio lunged for Grim Tim's hook and in a blink of an eye a green smoke emerged around the head and face of Rufio suffocating him his eyes bulged as his tongue began to protrude through his teeth. Rufio was frozen and could not move, the green energy was unbreakable. Grim Tim began to circle around the helpless Rufio. With a fast jolt the hook entered Rufio’s stomach lodging into his large and small intestines. Grim Tim became engulfed once again in the blue flame and pulled the hook straight out bringing blood and intestines from the corpse of Rufio, he fell to the floor dead as a doornail.

He glanced to Mallory Plissken and laughed a Sinister chuckle. He began to mock Mallory puckering up his duck lips with a pile of intestines in his hand. Grim Tim replied this would make a great picture on my wall. Jennifer Tate covered her face and try to regain her breathing from the large wound in her chest. With a burst of energy Mallory tried to escape the abandoned building by jumping from a nearby window. Halfway out of the window, Big Grim Tim threw his top hat that mutated into a glowing guillotine. Her torso was ripped in half by the large blade protruding on brim of his hat. The top part of her shoulders bent back and her head touched her ankles. With a burst of laughter Grim Tim shouted "Don't get bent out of shape!" He kneeled down dipping two fingers into the pool of blood. He tasted the taste of satisfaction. The blue flame surrounding His body began to change colors. It was now a bright red with a black outline. The butterflies were gone and only malice remained.

Jennifer Tate glanced up to see Grim Tim surrounded by the red flame gazing with his big yellow eyes. He whispered to her take his hand and raised his hook for her taking. She began to cough up blood and hold her wound tightly on her stomach. She slowly lifted her hand as Grim Tim spun around and caught her in the face with his jagged emerald hook. “You're the Catch of the Day.” He said in a deep low voice. He had a special place for her. He began yanking her by the face into the cellar of the abandoned building. There he would cast an incantation that would transfer Jennifer's soul into Grim Tim's black jar. He recited the ancient words and a spirit-like force was emerging from her chest. Grim Tim became filled with joy the Flames changing colors surrounding his body. He opened his black glass jar and the energy from Jennifer's chest filled the jar. Big Grim Tim closed it tightly and with that he threw the jar into the air opened up his wide jaws and snarling yellow teeth and consumed his dead butterfly.