While Jonathan was impaled on a spike his vision began to blur and flicker in and out. He yelled out in pain as another spike was inserted into the back and out of his of his face. He began to thrash violently. It was no use. The jagged metal spike that impaled his semi conscious body was now buried into the ground as a constant reminder to the people who tread on this land. The man soaked in blood with the serpent crown looked up at the moonlight and raised his sword. From the bottom of his stomach a beast like roar echoed over the soldiers in front of him. Jonathan slowly turned to his left to see his brother Villi lifeless with a metal spear protruding through the side of his jaw. Breathing heavy and starting to feel tired Jonathan began to weep silently. With the blood draining out of Jonathan's body leaking down the spear. The man in the serpent hat put his finger on the bloody spear and wiped it and tasted Jonathan's blood. The Man with the serpent crown yelled "This one will do!” Three of the serpent soldiers said, “Yes Crimson King" they began setting up a dining table right under Jonathan's impaled body on the battlefield. A plate, jagged knife, and fork as well as wine glass was set on the table. The man with the Crimson King sat and proceeded to pick up the knife walking underneath Jonathan the serpent king sliced the back of the achilles tendon and put his wine glass underneath Jonathan's foot. The cup began to fill with blood. Jonathan could see the top of the man's crown and hear the man drink from his cup. A loud Roar echoed over the army from the crimson Kings mouth. "Blood is the life and life is the blood!” Jonathan began to convulse one last time before fading to Black. The serpent King drank the blood of thousands of men........ Jonathan was only one.