Night terrors..... Shane was having them again... flashbacks of the demon emerging out of a blood stain carpet surrounded with candles. It haunted him for years. Being locked in a mental Asylum for over thirteen years. He began to relive this ordeal day in and day out. It's not so much the appearance of the demon that struck him as odd. but it was what the demon said. The putrid smell of the abomination filled the room. Faint cries and screams followed from the mist coming from the circle. The demon levitated and floated in his direction. The vile creatures face was decayed with maggots falling from the cheek. He came an inch away from his face and begin to tell whisper in his ear. “Thousands of years I have been searching for you.” The decrypted demon said. “I have come to give you eternal life”. In the state of shock and stunned. Shane felt a surge of magical dark energy flow through his veins. And a portal opened below their feet. With the screams of the Damned echoing in the mist emanating from the portal. The demon grabbed his hand and whispered, “Are you ready to go home my son?” When he awoke shaking and convulsing. He felt the vomit fill up the back of his throat with large chunks. He began to thrash on the gurney. contorting his body against the restraints he could not save himself. Shane suffocated on his own vomit and died. And before Shane past he heard the faint whisper from the abomination say “Welcome home.”