It's been ten days since the retirement home bus went missing with thirteen senior citizens on board. It was supposed to be a simple trip to Las Vegas and then back to Los Angeles. Halfway into the trip in a deserted area they hit a pothole and blew a left front tire. The bus driver said, “Remain calm to everybody. It's just a flat tire I will have it fixed in a minute and we will be on our way.” Tim gavel better known as Big Grim Tim the bus driver was known for his towering frame and scraggly black hair hair. With an appearance like lurch from The Addams Family he was very intimidating as well as shy. The bus lifted three feet when Tim walked off of the bus to check the tire. The older men and women would Hackle about how he stunk and how insufferable his music was on the trip. They began to even make remarks about his teeth and hair asking him, “Hey sunny why don't you get a haircut? Hey boy do you need a toothbrush?” Tim was very shy and sensitive. His towering frame was intimidating to most. The senior citizens on board were not afraid of anything. They were some of the most ruthless senior citizens in the Beverly Hills retirement home. Each senior citizen on this bus was very rich as well as corrupt. Outside of the bus Tim began to change the tire when out of nowhere he was blindsided by a piece of concrete from an oncoming car from the road. It hit him and knocked him back causing a gash to form on his forehead with blood running down his face. He began to hear a loud ringing sound as well as visions of mutilated Corpses and human sacrifices. An uncontrollable desire crept over him like a spider. He began having flashbacks of the senior citizens heckling him criticizing him and degrading him. He started to shake as well as the ringing intensified in his ears. He sat up from the ground and walked directly back onto the bus. Janet DeLong loved to degrade everybody. As soon as Tim laid eyes on her her first words were, “You need a Band-Aid baby?” As the blood spewed down Tim's face a flashing white light burst into his mind like a volcano erupting. When Kim opened his eyes He seen all of the faces of the senior citizens looking at him in disgust and curiosity. To their amazement the inside of the bus began to shift and change into a circus tent a putrid smell began to fill the air inside of the bus. Big Grim Tim was now fully engulfed in a blue flame with a top hat and staff in hand. he shouted from the top of his lungs, "Welcome to strangleland!" With a snap of his fingers the seat belts from their seats wrapped tightly around each and every one of the senior citizens throats. Grim Tim began parading up and down the aisles like a marching band mocking the senior citizens with their own words. “Want a toothbrush?” he chuckled in a high pitch Jamaican voice. he began dancing around in circles kissing the elderly passengers on the cheek as they hung by their throats from their safety belts. All thirteen senior citizens kicking and thrashing choking to death. Parading up and down the aisles he began to sing welcome to my strangleland.