The smell of burnt flesh lingard in the enclosed room. Boris drenched in sweat laughing hysterically twitching at the excitement. Can you hear me now can you hear me now he asked over and over as he repeatedly placed the immense flame of the blowtorch on her ear . His neighbor Elaine such a sweet innocent woman. always kind and caring offering him food when she knew he had none. She just picked the wrong night to bring him leftover pizza. Boris was a serial killer he love to torture, mutilate, and degrade his victims. Boris was preoccupied in his weekly frenzy to hear the doorbell ring. Elaine rang the doorbell three times. She knew his apartment was small enough to hear the bell. She found it rather odd that he was not answering. When the faint muffled screams could be heard behind the door Elaine panicked. Dropping the pizzas and pushing the door open to see if Boris was okay. she opened the door to find Boris as well as his room, bed and clothing covered in blood. body parts were hanging from the ceiling like decorations. a convulsing man laid strapped to the bed with jumper cables and electrodes strapped to his genitals and face. Sheer terror crept over Elaine as well as a quick instinctive jolt for the door. But Boris was already at her throat before she could move. With an animal-like instinct Boris began to bite the sides of Elaine's face. He began to chew the face of Elaine like a rabid starving cannibal. Biting profusely at her face all she could do is cry and beg for him to stop. Boris began to headbutt the face and eyes of Elaine until she lost consciousness. She woke to the smell of burning flesh as well as an intense sensation on her ears. Glancing up she could see Boris in one hand a blade and a blowtorch, he was drenched in sweat laughing hysterically mutilating his own stomach and chest. When he noticed she was awake he began to repeat can you hear me now burning her ear with a quick hot burst from the blowtorch can you hear me now!