Shadows shifting back and forth with the sounds of heavy breathing. The cries can be heard muffled under the duct tape. Three victims suspended upside down patiently waiting for their fate. The door creeps open, the sound of footsteps get louder as the butcher man enters the room. The faint sounds of screaming are heard causing the grin to widen on the face of the butcher man. Slicing the sharp blade faster than the eye can blink cutting the duct tape from the first victims mouth, releasing the blood-curdling screams of pain and agony. The blade begins to talk to him guiding his every motion with Precision slicing both ears from the head and removing the nose into quick movements. Suspended upside down from the ceiling the victim begins to thrash and scream blood-curdling cries of mercy. The victim cries and tries to negotiate his release by offering large amounts of money. The butcher man knows what evil this man holds in his heart. And quickly declines the offer with a fast decapitation with his blade. With blood gurgling and spewing from the jugular, the agnostic breathing takes hold and the man dies. Placing the first severed head into the pot of boiling water. The butcher man looks to the other two suspended victims and says, “There's no place like home are you ready to go now?” And with that he pressed record on the video camera and started the chainsaw.