From the beginning of time there has been vigilante justice. Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. Outlaws in the old west were known to be quite fearless and ruthless on the plains. The Bello gang were notorious for hanging and violently torturing innocent people. Jack Bello was The Mastermind of their outfit and barked orders like a rabid wolf to execute and entertain his morbid fantasies. He became known as Maniac Jack Bello in the wild west spreading fear coast to coast. He has turned populated cities into ghost towns overnight. Leaving hundreds of corpses hanging from buildings and trees as far as eye can see. Waking early one morning the Bello gang was discussing their next town to exterminate when the sound of gunfire erupted all around them and shouting from the hills echoed through the mountainside. “They're over here I see them!!” In a hail of bullets and commotion the bellos were surrounded before they had the chance to pull their own pistols we got the drop on them shouted one of the men on horseback. A cold shiver went down the back of maniac Jack he knew at that moment the jig is up, and that he will have his date with the gallows himself. They rounded up jack as well as seven of his ten men that were still alive after the gunfire. Handcuffed and dragged for ten miles back to West Junction Jail. All of the men were corralled into a cell like cattle, given a tale of brown water and moldy bread for the night. In the morning they were to be tried and hung. everybody in the west knows of Maniac Jack and the Bello gang. There was no shortage of townspeople when the hearing was held. The gavel fell as the judge in a furious raged handed out there death sentences you are all to be hanged now the judge shouted. The blindfolds were placed over their heads and marched directly up the gallows stairs. Eight nooses where set around the necks of the Bellow gang the Executioner pulling tightly on Jack's noose he replies, “are you gallowwalkers ready to walk in eternity?” Before Jack could respond he pulled the lever snapping the necks of all eight members. People say Jack was the devil in the flesh and with a body count of thirteen hundred eighty five victims I will have to say they are right.