He began sawing through the top of the woman's collarbone with a rusty bone saw. The helpless victim crying and thrashing barely able to breathe due to the the plastic bag over her head. A sparkle begin to shine in his eye. Once again he was free to do as he pleased. The jury should have sent him in the express route to the electric chair for what he has done, but a loophole in the system allowed him to be a free man. He now remains covered in blood daily. The screams of his victims can only be heard by the walls of the isolated shack. Grinning from ear-to-ear with the severed limbs of his victims surrounding his feet. His heavy breathing entails the satisfaction he now feels once again. Cleaning the blood off his face he then goes into his room to put on his robe and collar. He began to recite his prayer then picks up his Bible and heads to the sermon.