It's been one week and 3 days since Tyler slept. Staying up all night snorting cocaine and drinking beer was taking its toll. He began to mumble things incoherently and stare awkwardly at the wall. A sharp buzzing sensation began in the back of his skull emanating into a bright flashing light. Dazed and Confused Tyler stumbled and fell in the ground holding his head.
"Are you okay"? a voice echoed. As the static and bright light became more intense in his mind Tyler snapped back to reality. A woman dressed in a nurse's attire walked in with a scalpel and a plate. She asked Tyler are you ready to come with me? With the buzzing sensation still lingering in his ear he shook his head yes. From behind him two orderlies placed him in a wheelchair and began to wheel him out the hospital room. Trailing behind the nurse they entered a large octagon shaped operating room. Tyler began to become confused looking around at all the television cameras. The two orderlies grabbed Tyler by his arms and strapped him to a gurney facing a stained glass. Behind the glass was a group of wealthy families from across the world who paid to watch Red rooms live. Little did Tyler know that he was about to become the main attraction. The nurse calmly walked over to Tyler placing a syringe into his arm to render him Motionless. Tyler began to speak but could not make any words. The sound of a bell went off and a voice echoed in the background. Shall We Begin! With that being said Bright Lights began to turn on the television screens and cameras pointed directly at Tyler. The nurse calmly walked in the room. Before stepping into the camera's View she's strapped a contorted looking gas mask on her face. Tyler was becoming frantic in his mind trying to move but unable to. Wanting to scream out "help me" but unable to move his lips. Only able to see and feel everything as they planned. The tall lanky woman in the contorted gas mask began to peel back the layers of Tyler forearms. Unable to scream Tyler eyes begin to Twitch. only to fill every slice and cut from the demonic nurses blade. Peeling back the skin even further on the forearms stop. She began to place fishing hooks connected to fishing lines in to his eyelids to prevent them from twitching more. She began to slice the Y incision as practice on autopsies. Very thin Cuts enough to rise the layers of skin from the meat of the body. The nurse began to place hooks in the layers of skin displaying the flesh wide and gaping. Shall We Begin taking methods of death request? One man shouted 1 million for a Columbian necktie! A woman shouted I will pay you 1.5 million for you to wrap a plastic bag around his head and suffocate him to death! Do I hear any more requests the Red Room auctioneer announced! I will pay you three million to do a death of a hundred cuts! With a deep breath from the crowd silence filled the air. Do I hear any other request? Going once going twice death by a hundred cuts it is full 3 million! With that being said the Executioner nodded to the man who ordered the request. With that the woman began cutting erratically at his neck arms face and pelvis . In his mind crying in pain a tear trickled down Tyler's chin. Feeling every cut and slice by the nurse he can only wish for a quick death. After another cut from the nurse repeating out loud 87! Repeating the slicing emotions back and forth across the neck and face of Tyler he began to faint in and out of consciousness. 99! the nurse shouted in the distorted gas mask holding the blade. And with that being said she sliced a man's throat from ear-to-ear shouting 100!