"Get your shit and get the fuck out!" Clarissa shouted from the top of her lungs in Matthews face. "Where the fuck do you expect me to go you dumb bitch?!! "I will set something up you just need to get your shit and go Matthew we are done" Matthew grabbed his things and sat in his car. Meanwhile Clarissa called her New Lover and made arrangements for Matthew. Clarissa picked up the phone and called Matthew and told him to follow her to the apartment she has renovated. Clarissa pulled out in front and they headed down the road to a nearby apartment building. When she got there she began screaming at Matthew telling him that his apartment was Room 208 have a good fucking life! And threw the keys in his face and left. In an emotional state Matthew begin to tear up and become enraged. He gathered his things and went to find his new apartment. Down the stairs and to the left he came acrost a group of mailboxes and a trash can it smells like cat piss and alcohol. He finally found the room 208 he fished the keys out of his pocket and opened the door. To his amazement the place was actually clean and comfortable. Putting his things away he began to settle in. He walked into the bathroom checked everything out plugged in his electric shaver just see the outlets work. When he sat down in the living room he began to think why his relationship became shit. It was such a lovely relationship until a few weeks ago. Ouch....! Matthew said looking down at his hand. A burning sensation overwhelmed his hand he ran to the kitchen and poured water over his hand."what the fuck was that!" Looking around the floor to see if he was bitten by a bug he scratched his head and grabbed his hand goddamnit! Feeling light-headed Matthew went to the fridgerator and began putting his hot sodas in. Again a bee like Sting in the back of Matthews neck made him fling his sodas all over the kitchen. God damn it! What the fuck! This place has fleas! Matthew said grabbing the back of his neck. A deep sickness creeped over Matthew he fell to his knees and began to vomit. Jesus Christ he shouted. Every day the feeling became more intriguing. He began to wondered what the hell that could be. A sudden impact on the skin and then a burning sensation. more and more Matthew begin obsessing over it daily. Thinking to himself trying to debunk the situation. when he laid down at night he would feel the burning sensation on his feet and then he would feel sick. He could not put his finger on what was happening. Clarissa would call and ask how he is feeling Matthew would reply, I'm okay I'm just sick I keep getting bit by bugs or something I don't know what's happening" ..."I sprayed the house for fleas and everything "Matthew said. "Maybe you're hallucinating you need to stay off drugs Matthew" .."I don't do drugs you dumb bitch!! .."when are you going to bring me my dog? Matthew shouted on the phone. "I'll bring him when I bring all the rest of your bullshit! Clarissa's hung up the phone. Minutes later Clarissa's phone rang picking up the phone a deep voice said "this little fucker will not go down. "Just keep dropping the stuff on him. when he walks by the holes or goes to sleep.
"he already signed the life insurance policy two years ago. I know he has forgot about it . trust me we will be set for life. "All right baby will be in Hawaii in no time.her lover said. It was not known that Directly above Matthew was Clarissa's boyfriend's apartment .weeks prior her boyfriend pulled up his load boards and drilled micro holes all over the roof of Matthews apartment. He got all different types of poisons to drop down on Matthew unsuspectingly. Everyday he would drop little amounts on to Matthew not to arouse any suspicion of foul play. The life insurance policy would go through and they would live their lives happily ever after one night Matthew went to sleep and never woke up. Due to heart failure they said Clarissa cast the life insurance policy 2 months later and her and her boyfriend now live fabulous in Hawaii.