The stench was unbearable lingering from underneath the floorboards. It's was the unmistakable smell of death.Phallus was obsessed with keeping his mutilated victims underneath his house. It was a recurring day for old Phallus. Waking up in a pool of vomit while static blaring from his television. And of course always next to him was a mutilated victim. The blackouts became more violent each day.He would be drinking his coffee at the table and then "bam" out of nowhere he would see the flash of light then Fade to Black. Coming in and out of Consciousness he would see the visions of a bone saw cutting through flesh. Another Flash and another vision of bloody bags being thrown into the crawl space. Blackout after blackout corpse after corpse the stench could not be hidden anymore. The crawl space was now a graveyard for many hitchhikers. Phallus began to sip his coffee as every other morning and then the blackout hit. The visions of blood and gore were a part of his daily routine. The static blaring on the television and the crust of vomit around his mouth. The crawl space was his life and feeding it was God.