Scott Paulson Is a man of many talents. he has over 20 + Years Experience in directing,producing,cinematography,advertisements,sound mixing,management,editing,acting ect. He is best known for his stunt work in the popular violent japanese deathmatch wrestling matches on the documentary "The Backyard" as seen on Netflix as well as the best of backyard wrestling dvd's 1,2,3,4,5, as well the backyard wrestling video game don't try this at home featuring the insane clown posse as his wrestling persona "Karnage". Scott is also well know around the world for his TV Channel "Chop Block TV" as well his personal horror show on Roku and Amazon Fire TV "The Dead Vault Horror Show" as his horror host persona "Keymaster Slasher Poe" as well as scott paulson is a former distributor of GWAR TV and Ghost Adventures.scott paulson is the owner of the Advertisements/Production/Editing/Management/Distribution Company "Butcher Media" . Scott Alongside His Wife Pauleen run the Worldwide Modeling Promotion "Butcher Babes" booking now at .scott continues to be the only tv horror host in the state of arizona with the dead vault horror show. today he is still helping edit,produce and create tv ready content for clients around the world through butcher media .Scott paulson has also created the Arizona's Film Preservation Board digitally restoring vintage film footage to be enjoyed for years to come. Scott also dose an online charity event once a year for the linda blair worldheart foundation Animal Rescue. he also is a seasoned voice actor voicing over 30 animations.